Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Sewing Room Reveal

I finally have my sewing room put together enough to show my friends. The walls in this room were already this dark teal color when we moved in, so I decided to go with it. This room is smaller than the room I used in our house in Vancouver, but I was able to fit in everything I need.

One might think that staring at a window well while sewing isn't terribly desirable, but when I sit at my machine, I can look up and see the sky and a lot of light comes in through that window.

This is the wall opposite to the window wall. It just holds bins with paper and crafting supplies and a lot of other things I probably should get rid of, but when I do, then I need it the next week, so it stays.

In two words: My stash.

I had a couple canvases so I tried painting pictures using the motif from the curtains I made for the room. They aren't great, but for someone who has the "Matching Disease" like me, they work.

Thank you for accompanying me on our little tour. I will admit, it is more pleasant to work in this room now that it is organized and clean. I was lucky that the closet in this room had a lot of built-ins so I have utilized that as well. It is a sunny day here in Utah and I hope in your neck of the woods too. If not, then I hope there is sunshine in your soul. Love, Derrith

Monday, March 9, 2015

Wedding Bells

This weekend, Maddy and Jacob got married in a lovely ceremony and our family put on a reception for them in a hotel in Provo. Gary and I were so happy to be able to be there and be part of the celebration.

I took pictures before the food was out and the guests arrived just to show you the flowers and the great pictures my daughter took that were displayed on the walls.

My daughter Heidi (the bride's aunt) and I arranged the flowers. We are both novices but they turned out quite pretty.

We had divine salads, chicken salad sandwiches, gourmet cup cakes, cinnamon rolls and a hot cocoa bar.

Maddy's colors were peachy-pink, gold and cream.

She wanted a romantic rustic look, which I feel we achieved.

Each centerpiece was a little bit different.
Heidi had this lovely runner made up for the room where the wedding took place.  It was such a special night with lots of friends and family celebrating together. Thank you for letting a grandma share pictures of her grand daughter's wedding! Love, Derrith

Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Shower for Maddy

We had a shower for my granddaughter, Madison on Saturday. She is marrying her sweetheart, Jacob next Saturday. Maddy's Mom, my daughter Holly and her friend made the "Love"sign. I took these pics before the shower started so there were only a few gifts on view.

Holly is a professional photographer, so there we several wonderful photos of the happy couple displayed.

Daughter Heidi (our designated hostess for all parties) had lots of these beautiful balloons in Maddy's wedding colors: gold, cream and pink.

I wish this had photographed better. It was a large canvas banner with a sepia tone pic of Maddy and Jake. It was really impactful.

This was my favorite thing at the shower. When Maddy was about 6, she had a wedding themed birthday party where are the invitees dressed up like brides. Maddy is on the left in this picture and her little sister Heidi (now 18) is next to her.

Cute touch thanks to Heidi.

What is a shower without yummy food? We had delicious orange rolls, cheesy breakfast casserole and fresh fruit (the shower was at 10:00 am) In a few days, I will share pictures from the wedding.  Thank you for indulging a Grandma who is so happy to be able to spend lots of time with her Utah grandchildren since moving to the Salt Lake area in November. I hope your day is happy. Love, Derrith

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sewing again...

I have finally been able to get back to some sewing. I made these dishtowels for my granddaughter's wedding shower...

and I made these curtains for my kitchen windows. I am also working on curtains for my sewing room (to be revealed later) and I am getting one block a day done on a quilt I am hoping to finish soon. If you are on the east coast, I hope your snow goes away soon. Here in the Rockies, we really haven't had a winter till yesterday when we got some snow. I know my friends in the Northwest have also had a spring like winter. This is not helping my son who has taken over our heating business there. Well, see you again soon. Love, Derrith