Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rainy Day Activities

I found these darling retro embroidery patterns and worked them up on some dish towels. One has to find something to do on a rainy day!
My daughter, Heidi gave me this darling fabric last year and I thought the bunny motif made it perfect for this time of year.
I know I can't put off spring cleaning forever...I actually started in my sewing room, but then I found projects to work on and, well, you can guess the rest.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sarah's Garden Cottage

I visited my friend, Sarah Athay today and just had to share with you these pictures of her backyard cottage hideaway. As you can see, it's almost all windows and the light streaming through it is just stunning.  The cottage serves as her studio and "quiet place".
She and her husband built this themselves (Sarah is a woman of MANY talents) using mostly reclaimed and recycled pieces and architectural elements.
This picture shows the garden path leading up from her cottage. Today, her yard was covered with snow, but I've seen it in the spring and summer and it's a work of art (another one of her talents).  I don't know about you, but I want one of these!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lizzie's Keepsake

This lovely old Photo Album belonged to my grandmother, Lizzie Lynn. Judging by the photos, I believe this is from the 1890's. It is so decidedly feminine and ornate - I really love it.
The back of the book is this cut velvet.  It's really a remarkable piece. Unfortunately, my Grandma has been gone for many years and the photo's aren't marked, so I only recognized a few of them. I only knew her as an "older lady". It's fun to think about her as a young girl, collecting pictures for her album.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sister 'n' Stitches March Madness

Our March meeting was at Margy's and there were lots of fun things to share. Darlene brought this fabulous machine embroidered book she made for her machine attachments.
This picture doesn't do justice to Barb's  Christmas panel that she will incorporate into a quilt.
Candy's black and white silhouette quilt is such a work of art.
Our hostess was wearing a blouse she added beautiful embroidery to ....
front and back!
I brought my recently completed apron.
Barb had made this for her hubby.  We didn't get a picture of our ornaments this month. It was really a fun meeting with lots of laughing and sharing and popping cheesecake bites!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Utah Quilt Shop Hop

My high school "chum" (a word left over from my ardent Nancy Drew reading in 5th grade) , Jean and I were exploring Sugar House and stopped in a wonderful little quilt shop called "Pipers".
I love this quilt. I've actually made two quilts from this pattern-it was really fun.
More from "Pipers" above and below.
My long time friend, Susan, took me to the Deseret Book Store in Ft. Union, which has a great Quilt fabric department upstairs (See below)
Next we went to the "Whimsy Cottage" in the Cottonwood area. This amazing floral kaleidoscope type quilt just blew me away! The colors and piece work and applique were stunning.
More fun colors at Whimsy Cottage. We also stopped at "Elaines", but my pics from there were fuzzy.
Ok, I TRIED to stay away from "Material Girls", but couldn't quite do it. It really is my favorite quilt shop anywhere.
Their fabrics and patterns are so cheery and cute and retro!
One last pic from Material Girls (above),  My daughter Heidi took me to a really great quilt shop in Draper called "Thimble and Threads"  (see below)
I liked the border treatment on this quilt
This was their "block of the month" quilt - pretty impressive!
Love these colors, especially back lit from the window.  Thanks for your patience and coming along on my "hop". Wish you all could have been with me!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Salt Lake's "Secret Garden"

While in Salt Lake last week, a High School friend and I visited one of my favorite spots in the city.   It is the "Garden Park Ward" on Yale in the Avenues.  It is an beautiful, old LDS meetinghouse in a lovely park like setting. 
It is located just a few blocks from my sister's home, so I have visited it often over the years. These pictures were taken in winter, so you can imagine how beautiful it is in the spring, summer and fall!
Of course, it is a favorite spot for photographers, and the public has free access to it.
The building itself is really wonderful. The old chapel is so charming and actually contains two original Minerva Tichert  paintings.       Not far away from here, in Sugarhouse, is a very fun store called "Details" Below are some pictures of some of the "details" I particularly liked.
This trip was really fun-I got to visit with both daughters and their families, my wonderful sister, and two dear friends that I have had for many years.  Next post, I will share my Salt Lake Quilt Shop Hop!